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The Deerlick Astronomy Village, DAV, is a unique planned community catering to the specific needs of amateur and professional astronomers.

DAV is located in the very darkest skies in Sharon Georgia, far away from big city lights but at the same time convenient to many major metropolitan areas in the South Eastern USA.

DAV Coordinates:

33.561420, -82.763140

+N33° 33' 41.11"

-W82° 45' 47.30"

Elevation: 550 - 600ft

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Saturn taken by Land Owner Dan Llewellyn on 6/21/2020

This image was created at Dan's personal observatory. Using a Celestron C14 Camer with a ZWO 224color, Sharpcap capture, Autostakkert3, Registax 6 and Photoshop.

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Summary of past DAV forecasts

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Unfortunatley our annual picnic has been cancled due to COVID-19.
We look forward to the 2021 Picnic

The Deer Lick Group, LLC is the organization that is making this all possible. This group consists of investment members with a common interest in Astronomy and a drive to see this vision come to fruition.

It is the goals of this group to:

1) Build a community that encourages individual ownership of land plots for observatories and home sites

2) Support the needs of amateur astronomers by leasing observatory area sites (currently all sites are occupied),

3) Establish a large common observation area to support individual member access, as well as to support various public and private events and

4) Establish common sense covenants and rules to protect the site from light pollution, provide for the safety of observing members, and at the same time, provide a location that is both family friendly and educationally significant.

Some images displayed on this site are used as representation only and are not meant to be actual site photos.


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DAV Radiation Monitoring and the Radiation Network