The easiest way to join the DAV community is to purchase an annual field membership. This will give you access to the huge common field with electrical hookups, as well as our common facilities such as restrooms/showers, a picnic pavilion,a warm up shed and DSL on the field. We have nature trails to explore, and plenty of green space to enjoy. Camp on the field, or set up a tent among the trees.

Grier's Field is also available for rent for Star Parties or private events. If your club or organization wants to host a world class star party with incredible dark skies then contact us for more details and we will be glad to discuss how we can support your event.


***** NOTE *****

Please use one of the following membership forms to join DAV. This will give you all the necessary information about DAV (pin number to the front gate, location of the keys to the warm-up shed and the bathrooms) In order for you to recieve our DAV Membership Kit, please DO NOT go directly to PayPal to join.

Annual membership runs for 12 consective months starting with the month you signed up in.
At the end of the annual membership, if you signed up via PayPal, you will be automatically billed by PayPal.
To stop automatic billing you must cancel your subscription prior to your renewal date.

To Cancel Your DAV Membership, Click Here for PayPal Procedures on Cancelling your DAV Membership

To review the DAV Rules, click here

Click on the appropriate 'Add to Cart' button (select only one type of membership please!). You'll be directed to PayPal, where a 'shopping cart' will indicate your selection and you can complete your transaction.

* * * Please remember to update the webmaster and your paypal account when your email address changes. * * *

Please scroll down for the Club Membership...

Family Membership $50.00

Individual Membership $35.00

Student Membership $15.00

If you belong to an Astronomy Club (ie: Atlanta Astronomy Club) then please use one of the following Club Memberships:

Club Family Membership $50.00

Club Individual Membership $35.00

Club Student Membership $15.00