A critical mission of the DAV is to protect the observational qualities of the site and to support a family friendly/safe environment for all. Towards this end each land owner and leasee will be bound by a deeded set of covenants that will be enforceable to ensure the success and longevity of the site.

The primary goals are to protect:
the health, safety, security, & comfort of members and guests
the community from light pollution
the horizon & sky from encroachment by trees, structures, etc.
the land and other resources from damage
the community from unsightly structures or land usage
the investors equity and land owners property values

Specific rules include:
Light Pollution Controls to maintain the observational quality of the site
Community Noise Controls mainly during the morning rest time hours
Land Usage Controls to prevent unwanted development/usage of the site
Buffer Zone Easements to protect the site from external issues, allow for common nature trails, and to protect the natural beauty of the site
Nuisance Controls such as specific noise and smells that would lessen the quality of the site
Building Restriction Controls to protect the communities value

• Clubs, Schools, etc will have a slightly different set of deed restrictions than a typical land owner to allow for their needs