DAV now is able to offer free camping nights when you purchase gear from Agena Astro.

Just picture yourself purchasing that brand new mount and receiving a handful of complimentary nights at DAV in order to fine-tune and familiarize yourself with your new system!

You MUST user this special DAV Link for Agena Astro Products for your purchase to count.

With this exclusive offer, you can receive complimentary nights at DAV when you make purchases with Agena!

  • You must use the same email address for Agena Astro Products and DAV.
  • If you need help changing your DAV email address, please let us know.
  • You need to use the DAV Link for Agena Astro Products for your purchase to count.
  • Every $250 of you spend using this program will give you a free night of regular camping. If you are using an RV, you can receive a $5 discount per night per $250 spent.
  • Not a member, no problem. We are happy to give you a free membership with a $2000 purchase! Buy that new telescope and get your first year of membership on us!
  • Your credit will be posted after the return window is closed. We get the report monthly
  • Any questions, please reach out to erik@deerlickgroup.com

By participating in this program, not only can you earn free nights, but you also contribute to accelerating field upgrades and maintenance. All the funds generated from this initiative go directly towards maintaining and improving the facilities, such as adding more pads, enhancing the field power, boosting the internet speed, and so much more!