Deerlick Astronomy Village Frequently Asked Questions

I want to only spend one night on Grier’s Field, do I need to have a membership?

Yes, a membership is required, even for a single night.

I want bring a guest, do they need a membership?

Regular Field Members, and Family Members can bring up to two guests one time. The member is responsible for the guest, and the guest needs to pay the standard camping fee. If the guest wants to come back to DAV for a second visit, they will need their own membership.

I do not own a telescope, can I be a member?

Yes, you do not need to own a telescope to be a member. That being said, we ask that you please ask other members before attempting to use their telescope. If you are looking at purchasing a telescope, we would recommend you look at for used telescopes, or your favorite vendor for new gear.

Do I need to make reservations?

No! Grier’s Field is available to members 24×7, with the exception for the PSSG Star Gaze. Members are welcome to attend PSSG, but additional fees will be charged by PSSG.

Can I cook on Grier’s Field?

Cooking is not allowed on the road or grass. For fire safety, members are required to cook at the Pavilion. We have a gas grill available there for cooking, and you are always welcome to bring your own grill or stove. We do not allow any open fire cooking on the property; this includes charcoal, briquettes, wood pellets or wood fires. Basically, if it produces smoke it is not allowed. This is to protect the telescope optics.

Can I bring an Air Conditioner for my tent?

Yes, you are welcome to bring and electric AC or space heater. A few points to note;

  • Be safe, please do not use any heating or cooling that is not approved for your tent
  • When using A/C or space heating, you must pay the 30A RV camping rate.
  • Please do not overload the circuits on the field. There is a limit of 15a per 110 outlet.

Can I get exceptions to the rules ?

We are happy to discuss exceptions as needed.