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Check out this page periodically for news about the DAV. We will try to keep this page updated with information about our development and things happening at our site.

03/24/2023 - Gaze at stars at Deerlick Astronomy Village in Taliaferro County View Video
03/16/2022 - Deerlick Rural village perfect for astronomy lovers in Georgia View Video
06/04/2021 - Galaxies, Clusters, and Nebulae from Deerlick Astronomy Village View Video
08/19/2020 - Deerlick Astronomy Village Lets You Really See the Stars View Full Article
07/07/2020 - My heavens: Capturing the stars from Deerlick Astronomy Village View Full Article
02/06/2020 - ake amazing night sky photos in the state's darkest city View Full Article
01/29/2020 - The Dark End of the South View Full Article
07/27/2017 Astronomers trade lamp light for star light in a tiny town in Taliaferro Co. - Local News Channel 12 View Full Article
12/29/2015 - Living among the stars - CNN.com. View Full Article
3/25/2014 - Want to learn more about our development, Deerlick Astronomy Village...check out The Weather Channel. View Video
12/18/2013 - Augusta Outdoors: Star Gazing - Where to go for the Best Views... View Video
12/23/2010 - APOD Selects Chris Hetlage's Solstice Moon's Eclipse as one of the best images taken of this event. View APOD Image
11/10/2010 - Astronomy village keeps residents in the dark - Mother Nature Network View Archived Article
04/09/2010 - Atlanta star-gazers head to east Georgia for darkness - AJC View Archived Full Article
07/11/2009 - Telephone interview on YouTube with Chris Hetalge about DAV View Video
08/03/2008 - Amateur Astronomy article about PSSG 2007 at DAV View Full Article
10/30/2007 - No lights, just cameras, telescopes in astromony village View Full Article
9/16/2007 - Taliaferro's night life a draw for stargazers View Archived Article