Rules of Use for Grier’s Field at Deerlick Astronomy Village

1. Lighting Policies – Dark sky rules apply for everyone, everywhere on the Deerlick Astronomy Village property. Please obey all lighting rules.

  •  No white lights are allowed anywhere on the property after dark. We are here in remote location for a reason – to escape light pollution!
  •  Do not pull onto the field after sunset with your car headlights on.
  •  Turn off your car’s interior dome & trunk lights (or pull the fuse).
  •  Use dim red flashlights when extra lighting is needed.
  •  Keep laptops, monitors, phones, etc., set as dimly as possible and use red film and/or enclosures.
  • These rules also apply to lights in your RV, Tent, trailer etc. If field members can see the lights, you must follow the rules.

2. Parking – Parking is allowed on Grier’s Field. Cars should arrive on the field before dark. If you did not bring a telescope, please park a little further to the outside so that folks with observing gear can have easier access to their cars and electrical outlets. If you plan on leaving before dawn, please park your car at the tree line near the entrance or along the entrance road, with car head lights facing towards the exit.

  • No driving is allowed on the field after dark unless observing has ended due to weather issues or it is an emergency.
  • In the case of an emergency please either
    • Use the buddy system. Have someone guide you off the site, OR
    • Alert everyone on the field that you must leave and use your lights; this gives them time to cover their eyes.
    • We don’t want anyone injured so use common sense!

3. Noise Policy – After hours of exploring the cosmos, rest is a good thing. Quiet time is every morning until 10 AM. This applies to pets and children as well. If you happen to be an early riser, please keep conversations quiet and site noise to a minimum.

4. Music – Please be considerate to those who may not have the same taste in music as you do. We would prefer that you enjoy your music or radio privately through headphones.

5. Green Laser Policy – Green laser pointers are a great training aid and are welcome on the site with the following rules:

  •  You are not allowed to point lasers at any person or object not located on this planet (and that includes aircraft).
  •  Astro-photographers have right of refusal with it comes to laser pointers.
  • Laser Pointer usages is not allowed after 2 hours after sunset

6. Facilities – As a DAV Member you are allowed access to the onsite facilities, but members are responsible for any damages. Grier’s Field may be closed periodically for maintenance or private events. Please check the online DAV Event Calendar ( for updates.

7. Emergencies – If there are immediate problems with the facilities, please notify the property manager ( 404.558.1647). In the case of a medical emergency, dial 911.

8. Astro-Electric – Electricity on the field is reserved for powering astronomy-related items such as telescopes, laptops, dew heaters, cameras, etc. Please refrain from using coffee makers, electric space heaters, microwave ovens, crock pots, big screen TVs, and other high current devices on the field. Use of these is OK in the picnic shelter & the check-in cabin. If you are using camping power for space heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves,  etc. you must pay the RV camping rate, and not use more than two of the 15a outlets. Optionally you can camp at on the RV spots and use the 30a power there.

9. Wi-Fi – The cabin’s Wi-Fi is free for your use. Please restrict your Wi-Fi usage to web- surfing and email checking. Only a limited number of concurrent connections are available, so please be considerate of others who might be waiting to use the Wi-Fi. Please turn off auto-update services on your computer to prevent automatic downloads of large files.

10. Trash –You are responsible for collecting and removing your own trash. Please leave the field and premises just as you found them, and if you see any clutter, please pick it up; we want the site to stay neat and clean. There is no trash service onsite so you must take your trash with you. There are public dumpsters in the City of Sharon.

11. Fires – No open fires of any kind are allowed. Burning charcoal in a contained BBQ grill is permitted for preparing food as long as any undue smoke pollution does not occur and all signs of fire, glowing coals and smoke are extinguished prior to onset of Darkness. The grill in the pavilion may be used by members and guests during daylight hours.

12. Pets – We would prefer that you leave pets at home, but if you do bring them, please make sure you pick up and properly dispose of all waste; make sure your pet is extremely well behaved towards others and is properly secured. Barking or aggressive dogs, howling monkeys, etc., will be asked to leave (along with their owners).

13. Respect others – Do not touch other people’s equipment without permission – it is usually expensive and cherished. Do not touch unattended equipment. Feel free to talk with the experts but give them some free time. They love to share their knowledge but also want to be able to follow their observing plan to image or view specific objects in
that night’s sky.

14. Camping is limited to 7 consecutive days, and 14 days in a month without written permission for DAV Management. Members can not use DAV as a permanent residence.

15. Finally, be sure to relax and enjoy your time here away from the big city lights!

16. Student memberships MUST use their school email address when registering.

Memberships – The Deerlick Astronomy Village is a private facility and is available for use only by members and their guests. It is open to the public on specific event dates. Current Membership rates are here;

Upon arrival you must register at the check-in cabin. If no one is there, please sign the register and pay your camping fee.

Guests – Individual and Family members are allowed to bring up to two guests to the property if they have signed a release form. Deposit this form in the camp fee box located in the check-in cabin. Guests are required to pay the nightly camping fee . If you wish to bring more than 2 guests, you must contact the property manager prior to arrival ( Special allowances can be made for scout or student groups with prior approval. Contact the property manager for more information.

The Atlanta Astronomy Club House & Observatory on Grier’s Field – The two yellow buildings in the west corner of Grier’s Field are privately owned by the Atlanta Astronomy Club and are available for use by AAC members. If you have any questions concerning the use of the AAC club house, observatory or equipment therein, please contact or

Where is Deerlick Astronomy Village?
DAV Coordinates: 33.561420, -82.763140 (N33° 33′ 41.11″, W82° 45′ 47.30″)
For driving directions, see